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Facility of Hatching Poultry in Brzezie

Facility of Hatching Poultry in Brzezie there since 1991 as a family company.
The Facility specializes in the production of general-chicks based on own reproductive herds.
In addition general-chicks, we also hatch broiler chicks. Hatching general and broiler chicks is run on the basis of hatching eggs originating from reputable parent flocks within a single program of preventive and permanent control of zootechnical-veterinary.

More than twenty years of experience in the field of poultry and hatching, thirty years in the field of reproductive hens, allows the solid meeting the needs of our customers. Couchette chicks takes place in season of January-July.

Facility of Hatching Poultry offers the following breeds of chicks:
* Rosa 1 of plumage red hens and white roosters
* Rosa 2 of plumage red
* Rosa 5 hen of plumage black with gold or white neck, rooster of plumage dappled
* Messa 45 hen of plumage bright-red
* Hen with gray plumage, rooster with effectively plumaged passerine
* Mix various colors
* Czech breed of chicks Dominant Red Barred D 159 with an orange-dappled plumage

When you buy more than 5000 pieces, costs of transport is free.
We also sell wholesale and retail chickens reared since March each year.